Robert Zur


  • An American designer, Robert Zur has designed for an array of companies for over four decades. His earliest career began in Upstate New York and New England. In Florence, Italy, he designed for Amalfi at Marx & Newman. Robert designed for the renowned David Evans in New York and for ten years as Designer at Cole Haan. In 2001 he began his own namesake company. Joined by his two daughters, Robert Zur designs a lifestyle collection of footwear and Handbags.


True Glove

  • True Glove is a leather tanned specially for the finest gloves for the best shops in the world. The leather is sourced and selected primarily from North Africa and Saudi Arabia before it is tanned in India. The special Glove tannage allows the seductive softness and saturated color to result in a beautiful finish and a luxurious feel. Robert Zur’s lifestyle collection is the culmination of decades of experience in design and material.


Robert, Rachael and Heather Zur